another factory cart table Charles E Francis Co. $575 sold


Factory carts make the most original coffee tables, they incorporate the warmth of aged wood along with some black/bronze metal all tied together with made in America history.

Factory carts are a piece of American History and this one has been restored for use in YOUR HOME! They make great coffee tables or occasional tables. What items will you place on the top of this great table? These antique factory cart coffee tables look great in any setting. This actual cart was once used in a factory right here in America in the early 1900’s to move items from one place in the factory to another. It could have been used to move furniture or maybe fabrics. This cart and all the carts we restore are over 100 years old. They come from several different manufacturers, such as Lineberry  and others.  The wheels and brackets sometimes  have a name on them. This is the authentic real deal it is NOT a reproduction. We restore by taking it apart and plane-ing and refinishing the wood, and cleaning, sanding and repainting all the metal. Even the original nails were used. It was reassembled EXACTLY the way it was originally built. The body of it is wood,  and authentically well used, the hardware and wheels, are cast iron and we have restored the wheels to a oil-rubbed bronze look.

Charles E Francis Co. Rushville Indiana  was a wood working company. These carts date back to the early 1900’s . Here is a clip of the history of this company from vintagemachinery.or, if you are interested in vintage machinery they have very interesting information.


This company was in business from 1889 (and probably earlier) to at least 1939. They made a variety of woodworking machinery, especially veneer presses.

Over the years the name changed as follows:

  • Charles E. Francis
  • Charles E Francis & Bro.
  • Charles E. Francis & Bros.
  • Charles E. Francis Co.

The last name change seems to coincide with a move from Cincinnati, OH to Rushville, IN, and occurred between 1913 and 1920.

Information Sources

  • Listed in 1889 Cincinnati phone directory as “Charles E. Frances & Bro.”
  • Ad in the May 1889 issue of “The Wood-Worker”. “Chas. E. Francis. Wood working machinery and supplies for furniture, chair, coffin, box, wagon, and carrieage factories, planing mills, pattern and car shops, etc.” The ad depicts a large scrollsaw with ceiling-mounted upper blade holder.
  • We have a report of a laminate press from this maker, with an 1898 date on it. We have also seen a couple of glue spreaders in a 1920 catalog.
  • An email correspondent reported a laminate press from this maker. It is labeled “Chas. E. Francis & Bros, Cincinnati, Ohio”
  • The 1920 catalog of Wm. H. Field Co. shows a No. 3 and a Model G glue spreader. The latter model is labeled, “Chas. E. Francis Co. Rushville Ind.” That same catalog shows No. 19 glue heater and an Improved glue cooker that are believed to be from the same maker. A couple of veneer presses are definitely from Francis; one of them is labeled, “Chas. E. Francis & Bro. Cincinnati, Ohio / Patented Aug 14, 1894 / Nov. 22 1898”.

We have completely restored this cart and it is ready to go.  $575 makes it yours, we can ship most places for around $200 and if you are local in middle TN we can deliver for less. This is a unique one of a kind piece, each one is different, so once this is sold, you will have to choose another :) .



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